Private Study

You can find everything you need for learning and training at the learning centre.

Group and seminar rooms which

  • provide a quiet learning atmosphere
  • offer materials for visualization (flipcharts, white boards, beamers, monitors etc.)
  • contain internet based computers

Room reservation


Rooms can either be booked personally, via telephone (450 576132 or 450 576 405) or via email (mailto:


Medical simulators and more…

The learning centre offers more than 1000 anatomical models and simulators available for curricular teaching and private study.

The collection includes basic diagnostic materials, such as reflex hammers and ECG recorders, sophisticated anatomical models and complex medical simulators – an auscultation mannequin, ultrasound devices and advanced life support dummies to name a few.

All of our equipment can be lent out to all students and employees of the Charité during our opening hours, although special instructions are required to use our more sophisticated simulators. If you would like to practice your examination skills on a simulation patient, feel free to come to our tutorial "patients history and physical examination“.

Did we not have what you were looking for? Please tell us personally or write an email.